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Challenges in Accreditation Compliance

CMS has introduced a new twist to this expectation by developing guidance to their surveyors to determine whether multidose vials are being discarded after a single patient use in a procedural setting.

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Joint Commission's top ten toughest standards

What's on the Joint Commission's list of problem standards? The top 10 scored standards didn't change much in 2011. Five of the top 10 are Environment of Care/Life Safety issues. Here's a look at the trouble spots as identified at the Joint Commission's executive briefing in late 2011.

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Techniques to Avoid TJC Survey Scoring

There are three common mistakes hospitals make that lead to requirements for improvement.

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CMS updates anesthesia guidelines

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on January 14, 2011, issued a Survey and Certification Memorandum revising the interpretive guidelines for anesthesia services.

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Pharmacy Purchasing & Products, March 2011 issue

TJC's Medication Reconciliation requirements for 2011by Kurt Patton, MS, RPh "Medication reconciliation is back and will be scored as of July 2011, this timely article outlines the requirements"

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March issue of OR Manager

Core Measures and accreditation to be linked, an article on the coming changes.

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http://www.pattonhc.com/media/OR Mananger Article on Core Measures.pdf


Professional Pointers: Five Steps, Plus One

A renewed need for strong leadership is building both in terms of mapping out a successful strategy for the future and exceptional day-to-day management practices that provide people with the direction and support necessary to succeed.

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Joint Commission aligning with CoPs

After a 15-year absence, language on the RN circulator in the OR could be back in the Joint Commission hospital accreditation standards. It's one of the changes the Joint Commission is making to bring its requirements in line with the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs). The changes, posted Jan 5, pertain to hospitals using Joint Commission accreditation for "deemed status" purposes, in other words, to meet Medicare regulations.

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TJC Inspection

Preparing the Hospital Pharmacy for a Joint Commission Survey

The best way to prepare the pharmacy for a Joint Commission survey is to perform a rigorous self-assessment, either prior to the due date of your Periodic Performance Review (PPR) submission to the Joint Commission (TJC) or prior to your annual evaluation of the medication management process as required in MM.08.08.01. This assessment must follow the complete medication management process and not be confined just to the pharmacy. While the medication management process is certainly interdisciplinary, the Joint Commission looks to pharmacy to provide leadership in these processes.

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Kurt Patton

Root Cause Analysis Basics

Kurt Patton's new book describes how an effective root cause analysis (RCA) can boost patient safety, streamline processes, and prevent future problems. The Joint Commission requires accredited facilities to conduct an RCA when a sentinel event or near miss occurs because the process gets results . . . but only if everyone is willing to learn from mistakes and follow through with recommended plans of action.

Available through HCPro Marketplace:

Kurt Patton

Handoff Communication, Global Edition

Written by Kurt A. Patton. Designed for International Hospitals considering accreditation or implementing patient safety strategies

Available through the HCPro Marketplace

Available through HCPro Marketplace:

Kurt Patton

Statistics Basics - A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers

Expert, how-to guidance on collecting and presenting meaningful data - This logical book and CD-ROM are a primer for any healthcare manager embarking on the daunting task of collecting and compiling meaningful data.

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Kurt Patton

Statistics Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Professionals, Global Edition

An essential resource for any healthcare worker who is charged with the daunting task of collecting and compiling statistics in a healthcare setting. This book will become your how-to guide for collecting meaningful statistics and producing solid data.

Available through HCPro Marketplace:

Custom education on standards, survey preparation, National Patient Safety Goals

National Patient Safety Goals - tips for compliance on these challenging areas of national focus.

Top scored - problematic standards.  The hospital standards manual has over 1700 Elements of Performance that can be scored, but did you know only a small handful of them are scored with any frequency?  We highlight the problematic standards, describe common pitfalls and identify compliance solutions.

Tracer clinics - prepare your staff on how to survive the survey by showcasing their compliance.

Custom topics - what keeps you awake at night when you think about your next Healthcare survey?  We can tailor education to meet the unique needs of your organization.



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